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The Aaron and Marjorie Ziegelman Campus: the place 400 campers call home each summer.

Summer camping is perhaps the most instrumental venue for informal Jewish education and Jewish identity formation.

 As the only residential camp of the Reconstructionist movement, Camp JRF plays a key role in exploring the Values of Spiritual Peoplehood and the Reconstructionist civilizational approach of tracing Judaism through the generations. Camp JRF provides the setting for the values of Reconstructionism to be nurtured within our youth so that they may blossom and grow into committed adult Jews and members of Reconstructionist communities.

Camp JRF has grown exponentially from our initial summer of 39 campers to now nearly 400 campers from more than 75 communities. We have programs for youngsters between eight and seventeen years of age. Energetic and creative staff members come from North America, Israel and the rest of the world, and include many current and future students of theReconstructionist Rabbinical College. During the course of the summer we are visited by rabbis and educators of the Reconstructionist Movement, who are committed to experiential Jewish education. The groundbreaking work of Camp JRF and of our youth program, No’ar Hadash, has proven time and again that it has the ability to change lives and build our movement.

The Aaron and Marjorie Ziegelman Campus is used primarily for the continuation and expansion of the summer overnight camp programs of Camp JRF. In addition, year-round use of the facility is available for groups within and without the Reconstructionist Movement including community retreats, regional shabbatonim and board meetings, synagogue retreats, and numerous other creative and engaging Jewish programs.

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