Days filled with fun, friends, and innovative Jewish learning.

Though each eidah (unit) has a slightly different schedule, there are many activities that all campers enjoy. Below is a typical camp day.

7:30 Boker Tov (Good Morning)
8:00 Aseyfah / Shakharit (Morning Gathering / Services)

We integrate music and personal expression into our daily gathering. Aseyfot at camp are filled with singing, dancing, and laughter – a truly wonderful part of the day. Following aseyfah is morning games, where general silliness is the rule so we can get the blood flowing and prepare everyone for a fun and exciting day. Morning services engage campers and provide opportunities for various kinds of spirituality – including art, meditation, nature, yoga, and more.

8:30 Arukhat Boker (Breakfast)

Breakfast at camp includes items like fresh fruit, cereal, pancakes, eggs, french toast, oatmeal, quinoa, bagels and more.

9:15 Nikayon (Clean Up)

This is a time to clean-up the cabins in preparation of a busy day. Clean-up contests with prizes help make this fun and rewarding.

9:45 Havaya (Experiential Jewish Programming)

At Camp JRF, we create a 24/7 Jewish community. As part of this, campers spend time each day discovering part of what it means to be Jewish in a modern society. Havayot are not classroom activities: they are exciting and interactive programs that incorporate sports, arts, music, skits, food, and games. From choosing values through jelly beans and ice cream to board games about living in two civilizations with dice the size of your head, our havayot are a fun and involving way to explore Judaism. Some days, this time is used for exploring creativity through art, music, and dance.

10:45 Sports

This is a time for groups to meet with our talented sports staff to engage in a variety of physical activities designed to be fun and create opportunities for accomplishments.

11:45 Omanut (Arts)

During the course of the week, campers learn new songs and sing old favorites, create works or art in one of our studios, and try out Israeli dances in preparation for our Friday night shabbat celebration.

12:45 Arukhat Tzohorayim (Lunch)
1:30 Shuk (Canteen)

A couple of times each week, campers can “purchase” Camp JRF items such as sweatshirts, stuffed animals, and water bottles, along with toiletries and any other needed items. No food is sold at the shuk.

1:30 M’nukhah (Rest Hour)

With such a busy day, this is an hour for rest and relaxation, allowing everyone to recharge before heading out for the afternoon’s activities.

2:30 Mayim (Aquatics)

Campers spend time in the water everyday – in swim lessons in the pool, boating on the lake, or playing around on the water trampoline and blob.

3:30 Teva (Nature)

Whether at etgar (the challenge course), in our organic farm, or hiking on our endless wooded trails, this time is for campers to get out into nature and explore their connection with the world around them.

4:30 Hofshi (Free Choice)

During this time, everyone has the opportunity to hang out with campers from other eidot (units) in a particular area of camp – and to have a mid-day snack. Whether they choose to play ga-ga, try their hand at finger-knitting, experience the zip line, or just sit under a tree and read, this is the perfect opportunity for them to make their own choices about how to spend their afternoon.

5:15 Breirot (Electives)

One of the great advantages of camp is the chance to try out something new or something you can’t do at home. Breirot give you this opportunity, letting you focus on a particular activity throughout the session. From archery to guitar playing to bead working, from ultimate Frisbee to cooking to acting, from the ropes course to painting to boating, there is sure to be something to appeal to every camper.

6:00 Miklakhot (Showers)
6:45 Arukhat Erev (Dinner)
7:30 Aseyfah / Ma’ariv (Evening Gathering / Services)

Evening services at camp are short and full of song and energy.

8:00 P’ulat Erev (Evening Program)

P’ulat Erev is the high point of the day for many campers. A Camp JRF twist on capture the flag, scavenger hunts, casino night, star gazing, and tie dye are just a few of the endless possibilities that await each evening.

9:00 Z’man Tzrif (Cabin Time)

At the end of the day, it’s time to check in with friends and counselors in your cabin, share great experiences from the day, and begin to look forward to another great day tomorrow….

9:30 Kibui Orot (Lights Out)
10:00 Lilah Tov (Good Night)
The Fun Begins!