Parent Testimonial Video

Hear what makes us, us.

Time and again, parents tell us that they choose Camp JRF because we have a shared set of values, we create a safe space for exploration and growth, and we are deeply committed to building community. Put simply, we are helping to nurture youngsters who embody “how we be.”

Our community is key.

In their bunks, around the campfire, or during Shabbat, kids at Camp JRF are enthusiastic about exploring their differences and the values they share. We all thrive because every kid brings something special to our incredibly accepting and dynamic community.

Be your true-est self.

At Camp JRF, there’s never a reason for campers to be anyone other than their true selves. No matter who they are, our kids are both celebrated and challenged in ways that help them grow into amazing human beings.
“Through the camp environment, our daughter has learned to discover who she is and grown into an incredible individual while being mindful of those around her.” – Camp JRF Parent

Join our Community.

Camp JRF is a truly extraordinary place—your kid will feel part of something bigger than themselves, and they’ll want to experience that magic year after year.